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Sumatran Tiger

The Sumatran tiger is the smallest of the tiger subspecies. Sumatran male tigers average 8 feet in length from head to tail and weigh about 265 pounds. Females average 7 feet in length and weigh about 200 pounds. The smaller size of the Sumatran tiger makes it easier to move quickly through the jungle. Also, their stripes are narrower than other tiger species. The tiger's patterned coloring is an adaptation for camouflage in their natural habitat, which is often tall grass. The males, especially, have a more bearded and maned appearance — neck and cheek hair are well developed. Webbing between their toes, when spread, enables the Sumatran tiger to be very fast swimmer. They will, if given the chance, run hoofed prey into the water who are much slower swimmers. The white spots on the back of the tiger's ears are called "eye spots" or "predator spots". These spots are believed to function as false eyes as well as to make it look larger to any predator approaching from behind. This is particularly helpful in keeping the cubs safe.